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the .raw experience


Our mission is to provide a space. A space that allows individuals to open their heart for an experience that is authenic and true to them. Through our two passions of adventure & holistic health, the .raw 

experience was created.


A space to push oneself deeper and outside of comfort zones. Through facing fears in the physical (rock climbing) & sitting with oneself in the mental (meditation) blockages + fears can be overcome as the lessons now have a space to expose themselves. 


 A space for the true teacher within to emit itself. Through group + individual work, the healing can begin. Mother Earth is our greatest healer and shes one we’d like you to sit within as you sit & push through the uncomfortablity on this experience.


Our mission is to provide a space.

A space where we can create, allow & grow through onward to becoming our greatest self. While on this adventure we will adventure together within. 

Sequoia National Forest

Nov 13-16th

6 spots available




If you've never climbed before, what a great time to learn and step outside of your comfort zone. Climbing tests your mental game as well as your physical.. and in our opinion there is nothing more satisfying than reaching the top and conquering that mental block. We will provide all climbing equipment + instruction. There will be climbing for all levels of skill on this crag. 



We have 2 hikes planned. One is a hike along the river bank to a waterfall + the other is through the magical Sequoia National Forest to see the massive giants that guard the forest.

One hike is 5.8 miles round trip & the other is 1.4 miles round trip. 

_DSC7074 2.JPG

Breathwork, Qi Gong, Meditations,  Yoga + Circle Work

Every morning we will start our day with morning energizers + breath work. When we are not adventuring we will be delving deep within through various holistic health modalities lead by JP.


Hot Springs

With the hot spring right on the river, this provides a perfect spot to cycle between cold + hot water therapy. Plus add in all the minerals from the ground.. this is truly a magical experience.

IMG_5479 2.JPG


In years past we've gotten large Air Bnb's to accommodate everyone & to host working in spaces. Since the virus, we are taking things outside and adding an extra level of adventure. All working in work will be held at our group campsite + will double as our lodging. The types of shelters available are listed below.


Bell Tent

We will have a large community tent for meditations + group work. This tent will also double for group sleeping accomodations. This tent will have a small space heater with many blankets, pillows + sleeping bags.

Individual Tents

We will have two individual tents provided with sleeping pads + sleeping bags. These will be upon first come first serve basis or given to people who feel more comfortable sleeping in a seperate shelter.

BYO Gear

If you have camping gear, bring it!! 

Please tell us below what you will need for sleeping gear or what you have & are planning on bringing.


Mitigating Risk

We understand the concern of hosting a group workshop during this time. We will do our upmost to respect peoples comfort levels.

-All activities will be outdoors

-Once workshop has started, no outside contact will occur

-Separate sleeping quarters provided upon request

-driving separate is always an option if you choose to arrive to the workshop by your own vehicle

Location Arrival

If you choose to fly, fly into Bakersfield CA before 4pm on the 13th. We will coordinate pick up time with you. Transportation  to + from airport will be provided for.

Workshop Travel

We will have a rental car large enough for all participants. We will travel together to and from all hikes, climbs + hot springs unless you choose to drive separately in your own vehicle.


All food will be provided for + predominately veggie based with add in meat options. We will eat a light breakfast of a superfood drink + fruit. Lunch will be veggie wraps or meat wraps with other various snacks. All lunch meals will be picnic style as we will be in the field during lunch. Dinner will be hot luxurious camp meals - and really, they will be luxurious. Camp meals don't have to be unhealthy and that's something we hope to show you!!



This includes:

Lodging, Equipment + Campsite

Transportation within workshop

Food, Snacks + Superfoods

Climbing Guide + Equipment

Hiking Guide

Cold Water Therapy Instruction

Breathwork, Meditations, Qi Gong, Yoga Instruction

*payment plan available


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