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the .raw photo: Shannan + John

Shannan + John technically got married 2 years before this. John is in the military and they eloped before a judge before he was deployed. 2 years later Shannan + John finally got to have their wedding they dreamed of. Back home in Nebraska they had an intimate ceremony of friends + family on Johns grandfathers property. Upon arriving back to their home in Twenty Nine Palms, CA I asked them if I could give them a wedding gift of Adventure Bridal portraits near their home of Joshua Tree. They gladly accepted & magic was created. 


We camped overnight in the park and woke up the next morning to rough up our fingers a bit on some climbs. When the afternoon hit, we ran home to grab the dress & tux, headed back into the park to create some magic. We boulder hopped, climbed in heels, brought the pup & explored the beautiful landscape as the sun set in the distance. Joshua Tree will forever be one of my favorite places to watch the sun set. The best part about this whole adventure session, was we were completely alone! J Tree is huge. You can surely get lost in there. But thats a good thing! I would gladly get lost in Joshua Tree any day. 

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