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JP and I have a motto: Get comfortable getting uncomfortable.

& Together we host

the .raw experience workshops


The goal of these workshops is to be facilitators in providing spaces to challenge yourselves. We want to be clear, yes these are travel adventure workshops but they are so so so much more than that. We will push you to overcome your fears, ask you to do things that might make you uncomfortable, we will challenge your mental psyche and guide you to fully express your emotional well-being – to ultimately live out what it means to truly live your dream. Health is your True Wealth. We’re here to redefine what you think of the word health.

In the end, all we want from you is Growth, for it is the essential facet of living at any level of life.  If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Thats the cold truth of it. You may end up living long, but thats not the same as living fully! So join along and learn how to tap into the many forms of growth at a wild and integrative experiential travel/adventure workshop!





Adventure Guide


John Paul


Holistic Justice League

Breathwork & Movement Specialist

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Sequoia National Forest, CA

Nov 13-16th, 2020

Previous Workshops

- 2019 Utah : Living Unbound

- 2019 Idaho : Living Unbound

- 2019 Sedona: Wise Women Edition

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