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If you've been following on the world of social media, you’ve probably seen that together John (@thejpkexperience) and I host group adventure wellness workshops in various locations. If you've wanted to join but the timing's not right or location isn't fitting or maybe the group setting is just not your cup of tea, this might be the type of experience for you. Maybe you want to plan a trip just for yourself that challenges you, give you an unforgettable experience and gets you out of your comfort zone. Or maybe you want to plan this for you and your partner or closest friend.


These trips are designed for you.


+You pick the location

+We offer our various services

+You pick the adventures

+I help set it up and guide you during the trip.

+I do all the planning and preparing for you.

We start the process by narrowing down your locations where I then give you a look book guide within the general location



For this particular adventure they wanted to experience AZ in its entirety for their anniversary trip! We listed out activities within each location and began to plan their trip. They knew they wanted to do some hiking, see the Grand Canyon and at some point do an anniversary photoshoot. 

*photos of couples are not mine, used for location to get an idea of backdrop for photo session

OK that sounds great.. for awhile…but I don’t really want you on our entire adventure trip… this is kinda our trip.

Totally get it. We’re not there the entire time. You pick and choose what you want us there for.

+ In this example, the couple was here for 5 days and we were only a part of it for 1 evening and 1 full day!

+ We just help set up the adventures and plan the trip

+ They picked what they wanted us to guide and lead them through.

+ They even tried a few new things and gave them a totally new experience!

I give you price break down of each adventure and what it would cost for us to set it up, guide you through it! Now remember.. we can only guide you through what we know. “There ain’t going to be no jumping out of planes or kayaking through class 5 water rapids” on our watch.. because we can’t guide you through those things! But don’t let that stop you, we will certainly guide you to people who can do that for you and set that up within your trip if thats something you’d love to do!! 

OK awesome.. now what's the cost?

Here's an example of a pricing breakdown.


That sounds great. How do we begin?


Tell me about yourself!

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