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Tucson Arizona

Tucson AZ holds a magic in our hearts. An underrated desert city, it illuminates so much more light than Phoenix ever could. With a flourishing mountain range protecting the valley to the north home to aspens & pine trees, to the incredible saguaros dancing in the desert just below, the range of eco systems in this area is truly a sight to see! Below are a few things we could hear.

Hike Mount Lemmon

Mount Lemmon is a magical place. 45 minutes up the mountain you could start your day at 80 degrees in the desert and end it in the snow at 30 degrees at the peak. Waterfalls & rivers & pine trees and mushroom hunting... I've bet you've never hiked like this in the desert before. Come in the winter and you can also Ski Mount Lemmon!

Hike the Desert

Through gulches, saguaros, cacti & waterfalls the desert is much more alive than you think! The Sonoran Desert is the most flourishing desert around. Come in the spring for the cactus bloom and you won't be disappointed. Come again in the fall for the saguaro bloom! There is truly something magical about the desert at the golden + blue hours of the day. Thats when the desert wakes up.



Tucson is surrounded by a valley of rocks. There are people who have lived in this area their entire lives and haven't climbed all the crags in the valley. A climbing Mecca we call it! Never been climbing before? Great! We'd love to show you the ropes! And what a great thing to do with the family!!! We have all the equipment you will need along with shoe sizes to fit everyone!



Camp on Mount Lemmon or camp in the desert, either will give you an incredible view! Never been camping before? Great! We'd love to show you the ropes!!

Additional Details

If camping isn't your style, grab and Air Bnb in town! Tucson is also filled with so many eclectic shops + restaurants! We will give you all the recommendations!

1 Hour Photo Session - $300

Hiking guide with photo session - $400

Climbing Guide (1/2 day with photos) -$500

*photo locations can be on Mt. Lemmon, desert land or near campsite!

*price for travel to location will vary, if we are in the area already the fee will be waived



The landscape of this place makes for some incredible jaw dropping photo lighting! Family or couple portraits are INSANE out here! This location was right off the road!

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