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Moab + Surrounding Area

Moab is a destination filled with SO much adventure! Its no wonder its the fastest growing desert destination in UT! This place is WILD!! Below are a few things we could do here on our session!

Arches National Park

If you are in the might as well stop and see this world wonder. Theres a reason its a national park and you'll know why the second you see it! Let's explore the park & then take family or couples photos as we watch the sun disappear off the red rocks! Hiking for all levels in this area!


Canyonland's National Park

Another MIND BLOWING and very underrated national park! Many choose to do Arches over Canyonlands and I would choose this one over Arches any day! Hike the rim or head down into the canyon! Theres hiking for all levels in this area! Let's take family or couples photos as we watch the sun disappear!

Beginner Backpacking through Canyonlands

Want to really experience Canyonlands? How about sleeping at the bottom of a canyon and for some of the best stargazing you will ever see? Never been backpacking before? That's ok! This was my first backpacking trek too!! We will teach you how to do it! We have the equipment, you will just need a pack! What an awesome thing to do together as a family!! And don't worry I will capture you all the whole time!!!