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Joshua Tree

This desert world wonder is a MUST GO! This place blew my mind when I first saw it! Now its one of my favorite spots to return to!! A jungle gym of boulder hopping!!

Below are some things we can do in this area!


Hike through the famous Joshua trees and boulder hop through all the crevasses! This place will surely blow your mind!! There is not one spot in this entire park that isn't picturesque.

Rock Climbing

Learn to rock climb!! Bring the whole family + lets try something new together!! This is a climbing Mecca with routes available for all climbing levels! We have gear for most ages! Make a note in the form below about your kiddos ages + sizes for climbing gear!



Joshua Tree camping is in my opinion one of the absolute coolest places to camp! If you can, take advantage of it! Also if you can time it out to go during a full moon you can scramble to the top of a boulder and look out over the entire moon lit valley. It's truly spectacular. Family photos can be taken at campground as we watch the last night disappear!

Additional Details

The town of Joshua Tree + 29 Palms are less than 20 minutes away. If camping isn't your style, grab and Air Bnb in town! Both towns are also filled with eclectic shops + restaurants!

1 Hour Photo Session - $300

Climbing Guide (1/2 day up to 5 people) - $500

*price for travel to location will vary, if we are in the area already the fee will be waived



The landscape of this place makes for some incredible jaw dropping photo lighting! Family or couple portraits are INSANE out here!

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