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Sequoia National Forest

Play in the best of both worlds; 

Desert grassland landscapes of California + the enchanted forests in higher elevations! The Sequoia trees of California are surely a must see and what better to experience it with your family and capture the moment while you're there! Below are some other things we can do in this spot!

Hiking - Trail of 100 Giants

An hour drive into the mountains and you will be amazed at what the forest unveils. This is a short 1.5 mile loop through some of the giants of the forest. This is a family friendly trail suitable for all ages!

IMG_5479 2.JPG

Hot Springs

If you've never soaked yourself in a natural hot spring... ah man you are missing out!! This is a must do, fun activity suitable for all ages! At this location there are pools with multiple depths + temperatures! Its also right on the river so be sure to get your cold water therapy in & bounce back + forth between both! This is less than a mile hike in! 


Rock Climbing

Learn to rock climb!! Bring the whole family + lets try something new together!! We have gear for most ages! Make a note in the form below about your kiddos ages + sizes for climbing gear!

1 Hour Photo Session - $300

Kayak guided adventure + photo session - $450

4 x 4 guided trip includes jeep rental + photo session -$600

*price for travel to location will vary, if we are in the area already the fee will be waived


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