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Lake Superior, Wisconsin

The Great Lakes of the Midwest.

A hidden gem we stumbled upon and will forever return too. This place holds a magic that's indescribable. You truly just have to experience it for yourself. Below are a few adventures we could do while here.


Walk along the cliffside of an ocean thats not an ocean. You will see magical sea caves and maybe even find yourselves some mushrooms! If you choose to head to one of the Apostle Islands there's plenty of hiking & exploring on those as well!


Sea Kayaking

Ever kayaked under a sea cave before? This is truly a fun unique experience that is special to this area. Because of the unpredictability of the waters, family photos can no be taken on this adventure. We can certainly join with a waterproof gopro to document the experience or photograph you from the top like shown above.

Sailing/Boat Ride

If you're going to get this close to the Apostle Islands, you might as well go see them! Let's hire a captain and sail to one of the Islands. If sailing isn't your forte we can always charter a boat. Family photos can be taken on the boat.