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the .raw photo collection : Bradi + Alex

Bradi + Alex came to me told me they wanted to elope. I was ecstatic. They had 5 different countries in mind that they couldn’t pick from for their elopement ceremony. Game on! My kind of people. They narrowed it down to Ireland as they were huge GOT fans and Bradi wanted nothing less than to get married in a castle. 


After months of planning + researching, Corona Virus hits and ruins all ideas of abroad travel. Luckily for them, this didn’t mess with any guest travel or reservations, thats the beauty of eloping! It’s just you, your partner & me. And trust me, I’m flexible. We quickly rerouted the game plan to Zion UT another top choice of places and I got to planning. 


When it came to planning their elopement I took care of just about everything. I figured out where the best place would be to do the ceremony & portraits as well as figured perfect photo times & travel logistics. When choosing a location I took in careful consideration the amount of hiking they wanted to do, time of day so they were in absolute solitude as well as sprinkled in some adventure for something new!


We woke up to a crisp early morning (4:30am to be exact) and started our hike a little after 5 to make sure we got to the ceremony location before the sun peeked into the canyon. Our hike was less than 20 mins and look at the incredible view it took us to. Thats the key to a good adventure photographer. Find one that knows the locations and will be sure to scout out the locations beforehand. Bradi + Alex finished getting ready at the overlook and we took a few photos with the magnificent backdrop. JP and I stepped away for a bit to let them say their vows and have a moment to themselves. It was truly beautiful and an image I keep replaying in my head. After a while we waited and watch the sun creep over the rim and illuminate the rocks towers on the west side of the park. 


When we felt the time was right we headed toward our next adventure - the jeeping slot canyon tour. We rented a Jeep, JP was living his best life smashing through sand dunes and windy terrain as the designated Jeep driver. And it wouldn’t be an adventure if we didn’t get stuck right?! A good 30 minutes of sand digging occurred and beginning to sweat that we wouldn’t get out of there... eventually we got out and we all learned what not to do when stuck in sand 😅 Best comment heard all day from a ATV passerbyer “i hope you guys get un stuck.. you guys look a little dressed up to be digging in sand?” 


Finally - destination arrived! The OHV trail landed us right at the base of the slot canyon, we grabbed our packs and heels and began walking in. We admired the smooth shapes and bright oranges illuminating from the walls and explored a bit of the canyon with two of us in wedding attire. So a few photos taken here and there and then lunch time was right on the cusp so we retreated back. The adventure wrapped up before noon and these two were officially married overlooking the most beautiful view in Zion. ✨ twas a magical, magical day.


Even though their wedding day wasn’t as exotic as Ireland, the day couldn’t have gone any better. Plus we still have our plane ticket vouchers from our planned abroad trip… so maybe we will just have to do a 1 year anniversary trip!!!

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