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I am nicolette. storyteller, photo journalist and here collecting experiences. I use the camera to document what I see and let the photos speak for themselves. Raised in the midwest. Wandered west. Currently calling Inyo County, CA home living in my van as I build a non profit called the Mojave Center on the side.  Maybe you've heard of it.

a few things that inspire me; emotion, anthropology, rock formations, humid climates, language, blue hours, obscure landscapes, textures, dirty feet, faint light & natural tones.

My brand the .raw collection was inspired by the way I aim to photograph. I try my best to capture .raw emotion and feelings, all the while keep my editing and post processing as true to possible aka .raw. The actual .raw term is also a play on the file format that most photographers shoot in, like .jpeg .tiff etc. .raw emotion in .raw life. 

the .raw collection focuses on three aspects to incorporate in every shoot; the .raw story, the .raw photo & the .raw experience. 

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T- 402-718-3989

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